How many times have you known the fish were out there…

but just not where you were.

That’s where fishfinders come into play. By using SONAR (yes – the same technology that submarines use), these handy little devices will show you EXACTLY where the fish are. You can see more about how fishfinders work here.

No more missed casts. No more getting sunburned as you wonder where the big one is. Just reliable fishing, every time.

Hi, my name is Willy. I started fishing with my dad in Texas when I was little. He taught me alot, and we had fun, but there were several times when we came back empty handed.

Nowadays I still sometimes come home empty handed, but I can’t really use the excuse that I didn’t know where the fish were!

I started this site to share my experiences with fish finders. I’ve used some good ones, and seem some not-so-good ones. But I am still amazed at how useful they all are.

Feel free to browse around the site, check out a good fishfinder, and good luck!

Happy fishin’