2012 Humminbird Fish Finder News

Now that 2012 is almost here, we are excited to give you a sneak peek of some of the new fishfinder models are going be released this year. Up first we will look at some of the Humminbird models and changes that they’re offering.

For starters they’re going to have some new models available. What was the top-of-the-line series (800, 900, and 1100) is now being expanded out. They’re going to be offering side imaging via their SwitchFire technology on new models in these three series. Of course the price is going to be raised on these, but we feel it is worth it. They have some of the cleanest side imaging out there and well worth it.

It looks like they’re going to be calling these the DI Combo series. There will be a 1158c, 958c, and a 858c combo model released all as DI. There really to help you find fish in murky and crowded waters.

These models also features new networking options. I personally love the option to network as many marine electronics together as possible so the addition of some new features is great. It looks like they will be releasing a new ethernet switch they can accept up to five different devices now. This is perfect for you to hook up your sonars, GPS, fish finders, and any other compatible device.

And we are also pleased to announce it they will be expanding their line of GPS fish finders. They will finally become NMEA2000 compliant. While many consumer GPS devices have had this for a long time, marine GPS’s have always lagged behind. What this means is you will be able to hook your fishfinder up to other compatible devices even if they’re not by the same manufacturer because they all speak a common protocol. This will enable them to share waypoints and pathfinding capabilities.

And by far the biggest change, and one that I’m really excited for, is going to occur in the top-of-the-line series again. These models are actually going to ship with radar. Yes actual radar. I’m so excited.

Evidently they will have to sizes of donors choose from with different kilowatt ratings on each. While this might seem like overkill, for those of us who love to go out into deep water and are serious about fishing, the ability to now have side imaging plus radar is going to be a killer feature.


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