Buying a Fish Finder as a Christmas Present

Fish finders make perfect Christmas presents. If you have a fisherman in your life he will be very surprised to see one of these under the tree.

And with many models that have high quality features like side beam imaging and a dual transducer available for only a few hundred dollars, now has never been a better time to purchase a great fishfinder. One thing to keep in mind is the skill level of fishermen that you’re getting it for. Of course we would all like to have one of the high-end models like a Humminbird with 10 inch color LCD, but let’s be realistic.

While they are great fish finders, they are expensive. But on a much more reasonable level, you can find a nice Garmin or Humminbird model for only a few hundred dollars it has many of the features they will need.

You also need to understand what type of boat they have. If you know they like to finish my kayak, or frequently go out fishing on their buddy’s boat you might want to get them a portable fishfinder.

These fish finders can be transferred easily between different watercraft. You do not have to currently alter the boat anyway, and when you’re done pages packed up and bring it back on. It’s a perfect way to the benefit of a fishfinder if you rent boats frequently, or do not feel like altering the hull.

Some of the models also include GPS. This is a great addition in our opinion. If you fishermen already has a good GPS system they might not need a model that has a fancy GPS. Or if you know they love marine electronics, and that their boat is decked out with all kinds of fancy gear, you might want to consider some of the models that can be networked together.

In that case you might want to ask them what they need. It won’t spoil the surprise because these types of networks can be very difficult to manage and only certain models will work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they do not necessarily have to have a color LCD screen. Of course these are very useful, don’t get me wrong. But a black-and-white LCD, or even better a gray scale model, can do just as good as long as they have the proper resolution and brightness. Generally a color LCD screen will not have as many colors as a grace: well. If you’re looking to get them a great present, but not break the bank, look for a model with a good grayscale screen.

And always, if you simply cannot find a model that you think they will like, you can always get them a good old-fashioned gift certificate. But make sure it is easy to get a fish finder, you know us fishermen! My in depth the store looking to buy a fish finder, but end up buying a new rod, some new bait, and some new gear for our boat.


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