Color Or Black and White Fishfinders

Should you buy a black and white or color fishfinder? That is a good question.

The start with the black and white models are much cheaper to purchase and are going to use less battery power. If you do not have a big marine battery have lots of other devices under boat, these black and white fishfinders will be very good.

This style is in grayscale it is either true black and white or has up to 16 at different shades of gray. You’ll learn to interpret them. A black and white fishfinder can give you as much information as a color one will.

The benefit of the color fishfinder is that they’re much easier to read because there is a larger gradient. The downside of these color fishfinders is that they require much more power to operate. Also, some of the cheaper ones washed out in direct sunlight and are very hard to read. You also have to worry about setting the displays contrast and brightness, as well as operating every other tool on it.

We recommend that you buy the best fishfinder that you can afford. If it is black and white that will be OK.


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