Portable Fish Finders

Have you ever wanted to install a fishfinder for just one day? Well now you can with a portable fishfinder from Humminbird. These make it possible to attach a fishfinder to boats like a canoe or it is not possible to permanently attached the device.

The fish buddy is available in four different models. The most basic of these models has a permanently attached rod, a black and white screen, and will only find fish directly underneath your boat.

This is unlike the three higher end models that can search sideways for fish all around your boat. They also have a telescoping rod to help fit better on a wide variety of boat sizes, have a better resolution screen, and are also available in color.

They also have a built in temperature monitor. Of these, even the lowest end of the high end is your best bet.

As with all fishfinders made by Humminbird it comes with a wonderful manual and instructions. They make it very easy to mount your new portable fishfinder quickly and efficiently. Installation is a real easy task.

As for its performance, the Humminbird port will fishfinder works as expected. It even comes with an integrated beeping alarm that will sound and audible signal when the fish get close. It is a wonderful tool and one that will help you catch many fish.



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