Side Imaging Fishfinder

One of the most interesting developments on fishfinders in recent years is the addition of side imaging. If your fishfinder support side imaging you’ll be able to see a detailed view on both sides of your boat instead of just below.

Depending on how good your fishfinders display is, the side imaging may be in color and offer an extremely crisp and accurate view of the water.

If you have a built in map or even a GPS in your fishfinder you can see more of your surroundings. By allowing you to see on the sides of your boat you gain several benefits.

The first benefit of a side imaging fishfinder is that you can see all the fishes alongside your boat. While the column angle on side imaging is often smaller than that of the primary downward beam, it still has sufficient resolution to allow you to observer all the fishes nearby.

The other benefit of side imaging is that it helps you greatly with navigation. You can see any hazards or debris along side of your craft. Whereas before, you just had to guess if there was any problems alongside you.


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