Humminbird Fish Finder Reviews

Humminbird 345c DI Fishfinder Review


This is one of Humminbird’s new 2012 fishfinders. Lots of new features, a good color screen, Down Imaging make the 345c DI a good mid-range unit.

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Humminbird 1198C SI Fishfinder Review


It does not get any better than this one. Period. This is the ultimate fishfinder available.

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Humminbird 1158C Fishfinder Review


A massive 10 inch screen and super-accurate GPS make the 1158C a top of the line professional fishfinder.

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Humminbird 998C SI Fishfinder Review


Looking for side imaging, GPS, and a good 8 inch screen? Then the 998C SI is for you.

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Humminbird 958C Fishfinder Review


8 inch screen and a sonar depth of 1500 feet make the 958C a prosumer’s choice.

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Humminbird 898C SI Fishfinder Review


Interesting combination of side imaging to let you see 180 degrees and a good GPS.

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Humminbird 858C Fishfinder Review


Big 7 inch screen and a strong sonar make the 858C a winner.

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Humminbird 798CI SI Fishfinder Review


Top of the 700 series. Rolls out some nice side imaging sonar to let you see 180 degrees around your boat, and has a good screen for the price.

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Humminbird 788CI DI Fishfinder Review


It’s got all the features you could want, and the downward imaging is amazing.

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Humminbird 788CI Fishfinder Review


Great screen, good price, and the ability to get an even better transducer to sound up to 1500 feet make the 788CI a good value.

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