Eagle FishEasy 320C

Made by: Eagle
Average price: $100-$300

Eagle is a Lowrance offbrand. They are fine products, but not as expensive or fancy as the normal marine equipment from Lowrance.

Eagle (and Lowrance) displays are very nice. They have a unique sonar display and I personally like the color schemes. They’re easy to read and get the job done better than other brands.

The 320C has a 256 color 320×240 display measuring 3.5″. It’s about as small as you want to go with a color screen.

As far as sounding: this unit operates at 100w RMS. The manual claims it detects down to 600feet, but I think that’s being generous for it’s transducer. 500feet is probably more realistic given it’s power.

The 320C’s software is where it really shines. It has a very accurate fish detection and tagging feature. This unit can detect hard or soft bottoms, as well as detecting fish under cover or structure. These are good detections that are surprising given the affordable retail price tag (low $200s).

It also has has programmable audio alerts for depth and fish – a nice feature when you want to enjoy the water and not be stuck staring at the screen.

Would I take this out on my boat? You bet. It’s simple to operate and does what you need to do. The only problem is there are not many other Eagle models to compare to and the screen could be bigger.

Compared to all other manufactures at the price tag though, the Eagle FishEasy 320C is a good solid buy.

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Eagle FishEasy 320C
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