Garmin Fishfinder 160C

Made by: Garmin
Average price: $100-$300

The 160C is Garmin’s most affordable color fishfinder.

The biggest note for the 160C is the 16 color display. It’s pretty good bang for the buck, with only the brightest sun washing it out. Crisp refresh rates and a respectable 4.5″ screen mean you’ll have a good view of any fish around.

The transducer operates at either 20 degrees or 60 degrees. This means it gives you a good balance between a tight, narrow focus right under your boat, and a wide view all around. 20/60 is a good split for fishing – I have used several fishfinders with those ratings.

Like most other Garmins it also uses standard 80/200kHz frequencies for sounding. What’s nice it the 150w RMS power rating. A nice little boost in power over the low end models Garmin makes. That means it can sound reliably up to 900ft.

Another pretty nice feature is the built in alarms on the 160C. You can have it beep when the water gets too shallow for your boat (save your engine). Or when a fish of a certain size passes under.

All in all, the Garmin 160C is a good consumer level color fishfinder.  If you’re wanting a color display to find fish easier, but don’t want to break the bank, look here.

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Garmin Fishfinder 160C
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