Garmin Fishfinder 400C

Made by: Garmin
Average price: over $300

You’re going to find all the fishes with Garmin’s top of the line fishfinder.

The 400C’s strong point is it can do double duty as either a salt or freshwater finder. It can search inland freshwater up to 900ft deep. Saltwater uses a dual-frequency to provide real time A-scape sonar display up to 1500ft deep.

The superbright 4″ screen will show you the smallest details. Even better, the 400C is CANnet compliant – this means it can share sonar data with any other plotter around.

There are several models of the 400c. You can buy it without any transducers, or with a dual-beam (freshwater) or dual-frequency (saltwater) transducers. You can also just get a standard transducer for later upgrade.

Garmin also gone all out on this one. You will be able to see if you’re overĀ  a hard or soft bottom. The 400C also automatically cleans up the sonar to minimize clutter and find more fish. Garmin’s exclusive See-thru tech also exposes any fishes hidden in floor cover.

The end result? Garmin’s strongest fishfinder that will work all out to find you as many fish as possible. The 400C is a good addition to a pro or serious fisherman’s arsenal.

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Garmin Fishfinder 400C
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