Garmin Fishfinder 90

Made by: Garmin
Average price: under $100

This is Garmin’s current entry level fishfinder. If you ever used the Garmin 80 or 85 you will find the 90 to be basically the same.

This fishfinder as a dual-beam transducer to help find fish in freshwater. It can sound down to 600ft, but in practice you won’t want to look that deep with this model.

The 90 is best suited as a starter fishfinder. If you want to be able to find a school of trout in your Jon boat, cast off, and have a good likelihood of “being in the right place” – the Garmin 90 is for you. It’s got both a 45 or 15 degree cone angle for shallow water use.

Are there fishfinders with more bells and whistles? Sure. But for the price (retail is often less than $95) you’re going to be hard pressed to find a better deal that gets the job done. If you’re looking for something with a little more pop, try the Garmin 140.

Garmin is a good brand, and the 90′s 2 x 3″ black and white screen is adequate. But again – for the price, this model gets it done with no fuss. This is the fishfinder you’d buy your brother-in-law who fishes twice a season.

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Garmin Fishfinder 90
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