Humminbird 300 Series

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

Humminbird is one of the biggest names in marine electronics for good reason. Their gear is built to last

They cost a little more than comparable “consumer” grade fishfinders, but for serious anglers it’s worth it. The minimum RMS here is 300Watts – this means they have at least twice the power of other brands.

The 300 series models are built to be compact – all of 300 series models have either a 3.5″ or 4″ diagonal screen.

Also, this is the line where Humminbird integrates GPS and mapping to the gear. It’s done very well.

Like most Humminbird fishfinders, several of these are available in a portable version. This lets you “pack it up” and move your fishfinder to a new boat or kayak without a big hassle.

The 300 Series uses Humminbird’s DualBeam sonar tech. This means it has one beam going straight down for fish you’re over. A second beam paints a wider picture of fish around the boat.

Humminbird Fishfinders (3XX series):

325 – 4″ grayscale, 300w RMS for sounding up to 1000feet. Retails for well under $200.

345C – Like the 325, but with a smaller color screen. Also available as a portable model.

365I – With integrated GPS and coast line maps. 4″ grayscale display. Has upgraded software to support realtime sonar, and structure tagging. Editor’s Choice: While the display is grayscale, it’s larger and it has a good built in mapping system. If you have a marine GPS already, it’s redundant – but those without, this is a good value combo.

385CI – Color upgrade of the 365I. Slightly smaller display, but it’s in color. Also available as a portable model, or a Kayak combo.

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Humminbird 300 Series
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