Humminbird 345C Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: $100-$300

Humminbird is well known for making high quality fishfinders. One of these is the 345c model. It is their smallest color fishfinder available in their lineup.

In order to fit its color screen in under budget, they had to make it only 3 1/2 inches wide. This compresses the resolution down to 320 pixels by 240 pixels tall. But, remember, you’re getting a color screen.

The transducer inside this model has 300 W of RMS power, with the capability of pushing 2400 W at it’s peak.

Like other compareable fishfinders it uses a dual beam sonar. It operates at both 83 kHz as well as 200 kHz. This will enable you to detect fish up to 8000 feet away. Like other 300 models it has a wide and narrow cone split technology to run more efficiently.

All in all, the Humminbird 345c is a good entry level color fishfinder.

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