Humminbird 345c Portable Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: $100-$300

How many times have you ever wanted a fishfinder for just one day? We all know that Humminbird makes some of the best fishfinders, and now you can have any number of their models available as portable fishfinders to put in a rental boat or in your friend’s boat.

The Humminbird 345c portable model fits the bill. It has a brilliant 320 by 240 pixel screen. To make it all portable the screen size is a power packed three and a half inches wide.

Just like the other 345c it has a powerful double beam sonar capable of 2400 watts peak power. With a 200 kHz as well as a 83 kHz sonar with very respectable cone angles you’ll be able to see 1000 feet into the water.

Humminbird includes a very generous one year warranty on this portable device. The whole unit comes a soft carrying case. Because it is portable you can mount it through the hull or on your motor mount on your boat for the day.

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