Humminbird 385CI Kayak Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

Fishing in a kayak is becoming more popular everyday. To meet this new market demand, Humminbird creates many different fishfinders that come ready to be installed on a kayak.

At the low end of these models is the 385ci kayak combo fishfinder. Like its brother the 385ci we’re pleased with its fish finding performance. This is because it has a very generous transducer that can output a maximum of 2400 W power when you need it to.

You’ll have a lot of fun on the water in your kayak because you know you will not get lost with this new fishfinder. This is because it features a built in GPS that is highly accurate. You can also use it as a chart plotter when you’re out kayaking. Also, you can load new maps onto it.

For its $500 retail price, Humminbird has included a kayak transducer mount kit. Additionally it comes with a 12 volt marine battery because kayaks do not have an electrical system. The unit is designed to be mounted on a single kayak, but you can easily remove the electronic portion when you’re done and wish to store your kayak.

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