Humminbird 500 Series

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

The Humminbird 500 Series is a good sweet-spot for fishfinders.

The retail price for the lineup is mid $150 ranging to $500 for a unit with all the fishfinder bells and whistles.

It’s safe to say there is one with your name on it!

All grayscale 5XX models have a 5″ display – a refreshing standard. If you’ve ever squinted at a 3″ screen you know exactly how hard it is to make sense of it all. The color screens are a little smaller at 4.5″ diagonal.

550 – 200W rms Single Beam 20degree down beam. This is designed to a down-looking fishfinder and nothing else. It would have been nice to get a second beam for sideways imagining: but for less than $150 I can’t complain. Grayscale screen. I would buy the bigger brothers through (560 or 570)

560 – Like the 550, but with 25% more power and higher display resolution. For a few bucks more the extra power is a good deal for those looking for a single beam model.

570 – A damn good deal. You get an even higher resolution grayscale display (640×320) AND a second wide angle sounding beam. The display is amazing when you use it. Editor’s choice: I would recommend this model because (A) it’s dual beam for better detection and (B) the better display make the under $200 retail tag a steal.

581i – Take the 570, throw in a GPS and mapping technology, and you’ve got the 581i. If you’re looking for an affordable integrated GPS/fishfinder, the search is over. This is what you want.

586C – A color version of the 570, but with a smaller screen.

587CI – GPS capable color version of the 570. Works just like the 581i, but it’s in color. Worth the splurge if you want a nice little bit of luxury in your boat. Otherwise save the money for gas,

596C – An interesting model here. On one hand a Dual beam fishfinder retailing for mid $400s sounds pricey. But you get a massive 640×480 color screen. Is it worth it? For a splurge. But I would start looking at some of the higher-end 700 or 800 series.

597CI – GPS mapping version of the 596C.

Higher Humminbird models (800, 900, and 1100) are not just fishfinders – they are industry leading marine nav units. If you’re in the market for one (lucky you!), there are no equals.

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Humminbird 500 Series
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