Humminbird 570 Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: $100-$300

The Humminbird 570 fishfinder it is a good middle of the range marine electronic device. With a very reasonable price of $200, the 570 its offers some good value.

This is because it has a very large 5 inch screen. You’ll be able to spot fish easily because the image resolution is 640 by 320 pixels. This is very large for such a value priced fishfinder.

The actual electronics on this model are powered by a somewhat average transducer. This transducer is capable of outputting 250 watts of fish finding power. It can also peek at 2500 watts if it needs to.

Other than that, as this model is pretty standard. Unlike some cheaper fishfinders the 570 can all operate at both 200 kHz as well as 83 kHz. This is very useful and will allow you to protect fish up to 800 feet underneath you.

The end result is that we like this unit’s screen and the fact that it uses a double beam sonar.

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