Humminbird 570DI Fishfinder

The Humminbird 570di is a brand new fishfinder just for 2011. We’re really amazed at the amount of technology that Humminbird has packed into this model for us.

The main benefit of the 570di is that it uses Humminbird’s trademarked Down Imaging technology to offer an amazingly crisp image. This is an amazing technology that uses high frequency sound waves to create some of the sharpest images we’ve seen.

At a retail price of under $300 is truly amazing that Humminbird can offer this technology. It operates at 200 kHz, 455 kHz, and 800 kHz at various angles. The only downside is that it can only see 250 feet using this new technology.

The transducer is a very respectable unit capable of outputting 250 W of power, and up to 2000 W at its peak.

The display is a crisp grayscale with 640 by 320 pixels of imaging space. That’s fairly average, but his unit is very good because of the advanced technology on the transducer.


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