Humminbird 596C HD Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

For 2011 Humminbird has released the 596c HD high definition fishfinder. It is a sonar only model, but it has a very generous screen.

This model has the biggest screen in the entire series. Is 5 inches across diagonally but has a whopping 640 by 640 pixels of resolution. This is almost twice the screen imaging capabilities that similar units have.

In order to fit this much data on the screen Humminbird has also really beefed up its transducer. The transducer in this model operates at a very respectable 500 W RMS power with a 4000 W peak rating. And also uses the very standard split of 200 or 83 kilohertz. Like most other hummingbirds it also uses a standard split of 20 or 60 degree for the cone angle.

If you’re interested in purchasing this model recommended because of its large screen resolution. There’s also a very cool down imaging model available if you’re interested in this series.

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