Humminbird 700 Series

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: $100-$300

This is the top of the line Humminbird series for fishfinders.

There are products above the 700 series (800, 900, 1100 lines) though – but they are less about the fishfinding and more focused on being your main marine nav unit. If you’re in the market for the best all-in-one options (lucky you!) you’ll find them to be excellent.

So is the 700 series good too? Yes!

For starters, all models have a 5″ diagonal screen. This is the most generous sizing you will get with a fishfinder.

Additionally, these models all have a 500w RMS transducer (except for the 718) – a tremendous amount of power. You can easily hit 1500 feet depth with these models.

The frequency spread is 200 kHZ @ 20degrees, and 83 kHZ @ 60 degrees across the board. This is a time-tested spread that will have you finding fish all around your boat.

Additionally, the top of the line model (798C SI) has built in side imaging – you can get a full 180 degree view around your boat. It’s amazing.

Every model here is networkable – weather modules? No problem. Hook up to your plotter? Sure thing. GPS? It’s covered.

718: grayscale display. Has a 300w RMS transducer for sounding down to 1000 feet. Retails for under $200.

728: Massive upgrade from the 718. 50% more power than the 718, PLUS twice the horizontal screen resolution. It also has better user features like view recall and favorites. Well worth the small $100 retail price difference. Editor’s Choice: The best grayscale fishfinder you’ll find. Period.

778C: Take the 728 and give it even more vertical resolution, plus a color display.

788C: GPS and mapping are built-in here. The display has a massive resolution like the 778C, too.

798C SI: This is a jawdropping unit here. It has a giant display, 1500foot sonar, built in GPS and mapping… as well as a built in side imaging good for 150feet on either side of your boat. Stunning Humminbird quality.

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Humminbird 700 Series
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