Humminbird 728 Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

The Humminbird 728 fishfinder is very similar to the 718 fishfinder. There are a few differences that give this model a little bit of more power and make it a little easier use to warrant the price upgrade.

For starters, the 728 has a 500 W RMS sounder. This is almost twice the power that the 718 has, and this upgrade allows it a maximum depth of 1500 feet. This is a nice upgrade.

Another new feature is it contains 100% more vertical pixels on its 5 inch diagonal screen. This goes hand in hand with the upgraded transducer allowing you to see a much more crisp and clear picture of what’s underneath your boat.

Those are the main differences of the 728 fishfinder. To keep in mind that like all other 700 series fishfinders by Humminbird, the 728 is capable of doing some very cool networking. You can hook all kinds of chart plotters, weather sensors, and GPS Devices up to it.

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