Humminbird 788CI Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

One of the more interesting 700 series fishfinders that Humminbird released for 2011 is the 788ci high definition fishfinder.

What’s really interesting about this model is that it is available both with or without a transducer. Humminbird is really expanding their offerings to let you customize what you do your fishing with.

This model is perfect if you already have an existing Humminbird fishfinder with a decent transducer. You can upgrade to the newest 2011 displays which are very nice. You can get a 5 inch diagonal screen with 256 colors, and a very strong 640 by 640 pixel resolution. These are the new high definition displays and they’re very nice.

If you buy the model with the transducer it comes with a 500 W capability to let you see down 1500 feet. It is also capable of being hooked up to any number of optional weather sensors and the like.

At its price there also glad that Humminbird included a GPS. Their GPS units are really top of the line, so if you’re in the market to have a very affordable but still excellent quality fishfinder look here.

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