Humminbird 798CI SI Fishfinder

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: over $300

New for 2011 and rounding out the 700 series of Humminbird fishfinders, we have the 798CI HD SI combination fishfinder.

This is a very interesting unit because Humminbird has included the side imaging technology in this model. It used to be the side imaging was only available in higher end models like the 1000 series. But now they’ve brought the side imaging in two the smaller cases in this series.

At a retail price of just over $1000 you’re definitely getting a lot of features in this model. If it has a builtin GPS and maps that are very accurate. Additionally it has a powerful transducer that operates at 500 W RMS. And like other 700 series and above units, it can be hooked up to any number of extra devices to create a very powerful network on the water.

The real benefit boat is the side imaging technology builtin. It gives you a very clear and very precise view around the sides of your boat.

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