Humminbird PiranhaMAX Series

Made by: Humminbird
Average price: $100-$300

This is Humminbird’s entry level line and retails for around $75 to $230. The PiranhaMAX line was released in 2006 and has several sonar options – Tri Beam, Dual Beam, or Single beam.

The major differences in this line are screen size, and how many sounding beams the fishfinder has.

Tri Beam models have a 20degree down beam combined with dual 35degree side beams. It’s a unique system that shows fish under your boat as solid targets. Fish to the sides show up differently – as outlines.

The 20degree down beam is a good, solid down angle. I’m glad Humminbird chose to include it.

Dual Beam models also have the 20degree down beam combined with a simpler side display. Single beam only uses the 20degree sonar to find dish.

For the technology, the Tri Beam is the best – but for value, the Dual Beam works fine enough.

Power levels are between 100w to 200w RMS – industry average for the price.

All of the models (except the 190C) have grayscale displays. Temperature sensors are also built in across the board.

150 – Smallest screen. 100w RMS single beam. Max depth of 600 feet. Also available as a portable model.
160 – Medium screen. 100w RMS Dual Beam. Max depth of 600 feet. Also available as a portable model.
170 – Medium screen (4″ diagonal) with 200w RMS Dual Beam for 800 feet sounding.
180 – Same as the 170 but with Tri Beam for better fish finding. (Best Value in this lineup)
190C – Medium screen, but in color. Single beam 200w RMS sounding
230 – Portable model. Small grayscale screen with a Dual Beam technology.

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Humminbird Piranhamax
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